Pärnu mnt 50, Sindi

Laser cutting is performed at our production building in Sindi. We are fast and accurate in our work – precision is achieved even with the most complicated components. Generally, there is no need for post-processing, as laser cutting is highly precise.

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At Pärnu mnt 50, we also perform bending work. We can bend all sheet metals that we can cut: ordinary, stainless and special steels (Hardox, Raex, Strenx) and aluminium.

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Our main line of work is plasma, oxy-fuel and laser cutting, but we can also perform bending here.

Plasma cutting is performed at temperatures of up to 30,000 degrees, which makes it possible to cut various metals and alloys. Upon request, we can also engrave metal components.

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Oxy-fuel cutting a widely known cutting method and the oldest of all the processes we utilise. Oxy-fuel cutting is used for thicker sheet metals.

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Our production building at Plaadi 1 is equipped with three plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines.

Our production manager is:
Risto Arak
+372 526 9125